Visitors Record

Chitokoloki Mission receives quite a number of visitors each year from many countries around the world. Some come for short periods, others longer, some are medical and want to understand more about the medical work, others invited by contacts to experience life at Chitokoloki and some just to visit.

All are appreciated and we thank them for their visit and for the encouragement.

May – November 2021

Rebekah Heelman
Hattie Jones
Peter Li
Anita Li

Edward Graham

Dick Furman
Ben Furman
Lance Pyler
Don McKay
Tim McDougal
Kaitlin Brundage

January – March 2021

November 2020

Ken Wagler
Nathaniel Gumerson

January – March 2020

October – December 2019

July – September 2019

April – June 2019

January – March 2019