Replacement Plane

June 24, 2012 in News

We have continued to receive many emails asking if the plane that was involved in the crash on June 2 is reparable, will it be replaced or what plans we may have for the future.

We are proceeding slowly, but we do know that the plane was a real blessing to many and a great help to the Lord’s work here at Chitokoloki. Even since it is no longer available we have had to make long road trips, reschedule quite a number of flights and cancel medical flights. We have greatly  appreciated the help of Philip Grove and Don Amborski who have  made several flights for us in their planes even though they have a 2 1/2 hour flight from Chingola to Chitokoloki before they reach here for the scheduled flight.

The Cessna 206 that crashed is beyond repair, very few parts or components are even salvageable. The main item of any value is the engine and it is still in the Zambezi River and has not been located. Lord willing we would like to replace the plane with another similar one but we know this will take time, funds and the the input of individuals who are able to source another plane and then outfit it and arrange for it to be brought to Zambia, following which is a lengthy process for it to be registered here. If a suitable plane in country could be leased and a pilot available that would help in the interim.

In the mean time we continue to press on and trust the Lord for guidance, wisdom and to make sure that what is done is His will and not ours. Your prayers are appreciated.