New Plane For Chitokoloki

September 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

On September 3rd the long awaited Cessna 206 airplane finally landed at Lusaka International airport.

The plane had been purchased in the USA at the end of last year. It took several months to have it outfitted for the work here in Zambia, adding long range fuel tanks, larger tires, a STOL kit for shorter gravel airstrips and several other modifications.

The plane was flown from the USA through Canada, Iceland, England, Spain, Canary Islands, Mali, Ghana and finally Lusaka.

Andre shown with the plane brought it on the last half of the trip from England.

The process has begun to import and register it in Zambia and then it will be ready for use.

Chitokoloki has really appreciated the use of a Flying Mission plane for the past 3 years which has been a real help to the medical work as well as for getting visitors and missionaries around the country.  Weekly medical trips are being done to Chavuma, Dipalata and Loloma Hospitals.

We are now looking to the Lord to direct a qualified pilot who feels called of the Lord to join in the work at Chitokoloki.