New Conference Center

September 23, 2019 in News

A decision was made to convert a portion of the existing Colony area into a Conference Center which can be used for camps, workshops, teaching sessions and conferences. ( Post updated weekly)

The original Colony area was built by Dr James Worsfold back in the 1950’s and it was at that time a very important part of the Mission work as it accommodated the large number of Leprosy patients. Over the recent 20+ years the number of Leprosy patients has dramatically decreased and the majority of the 110 homes were not been used. While there are still a few patients with Leprosy and also TB, these only require about 25 homes.

The plan that was developed is to build a dining hall/ meeting room plus two ablution and shower blocks and to upgrade approx. 70 of the houses with new doors, windows, floors, lights and face-lift and to furnish them so that accommodation can be offered for sessions of various types. A team from Brass Tacks in the UK are at Chitokoloki for a month and hard at work with the 3 new buildings and starting to rehabilitate the houses.

The work continues and the walls go up and the houses get renovated. The 3 men from Brass Tacks, Phil Kennedy, Rob Woodhouse and James Alexander have worked very hard and accomplished much in the time they were here. Sadly they left today October 9th and so there help will be greatly missed. Praying that someone will be able to come and help continue the project to completion. Just before they left 2 of the 65 houses were fully renovated, just waiting for painting.

Doors going in to one of the shower and toilet blocks
Door installation in ablution block
The first of 68 houses is fully completed, new floors, door, window and painted.