Current Missionaries

Gordon & Ruth Hanna
Year Commended:    1986
From:  Westhill, Toronto,  Canada
Gordon & Ruth arrived in Zambia with their 2 sons Douglas and Rick in 1985.
Dorothy Woodside
Year Commended:  1991
From:   Claremont, California, USA
David & Lorraine McAdam
Year Commended:  1999
From: Newtownards,  Northern Ireland
David and Lorraine arrived at Chitokoloki from Congo in 1999 along with their 3 sons, Philip, Andrew and Jonathan.
 Keith & Gail Bailey  
 Year Commended:  2004
 From:   Deer Lake, Ontario,  Canada
Shawn & Rhonda Markle
Year Commended:  2008
From: Langstaff, Toronto, Canada
Shawn and Rhonda arrived in 2008 along with their daughters Alexandra and Mackenzie.
Julie Rachel Elwood
Year Commended:    2009
From:  Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland
Chris and Alison Chris & Alison Brundage
Year Commended: 2013 / 2017
From: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Newcastle, N Ireland
Joey and Kaitlin Speichinger
Year Commended: 2014
From: Spokane, WA, USA
Steven and Hannah Wallace
Year Commended: 2019
From: Ballymena, N Ireland