Co-workers of Chitokoloki

Over the years many Christian friends have contributed greatly in many different ways to the Lord’s work at Chitokoloki. Included below are some who have made tremendous contributions recently and are still actively helping at Chitokoloki, their share in the work is so much appreciated by all.


Gayle Wallace

Gayle Wallace


Rachel Deyermond

Rachel Deyermond


David & Muriel Clarke


Nathan, Steve, Merv, & Ryan


Philip & Carly Horne


Tim & Mary McDougall


Rodney & Margret Strahan


Ken Wagler


Philip & Helen Stepvenson


Desmond & Elizabeth Noris


Murray, Tim, Phil, Ed


Winston & Rowan McEwan


Team Workers


Don & Carl McKay


Tom Browning & Ken Waglier


Justin Kuwema


                                                                    Peter & Cathy Norris

Ros Jefferson