Jay & Katrina – Update on the Girls

June 7, 2012 in News, People

A lot of people have been asking about the girls. In order to protect their privacy and shelter them from what is going on we have not said a lot.

The girls are just great, happy as normal kids and have all these wonderful “aunties”  that they know so well and are so comfortable with. They get rides on the ATV bikes and are well cared for and playing happily and have not reacted bad in any way whatsoever. They are too young to understand and no need for them to know the details at this time, they just know that daddy and mummy are in a “happy place” and Marina wanted to know if there were nice sunsets there.

Krista Besselman wrote an email to us and included a poem that she wrote especially for Marina, copied below.

Where the Sun Never Sets

Darling, no, there are not any sunsets

Where your Mommy and Daddy have gone.

You’ve been told that they’ve gone to a good place;

You don’t know yet that they have passed on.


Dear, your Mommy and Daddy have left us

For the place of their unending rest,

Where the Lamb is the light of the city—

With no sun there, the sun never sets.


Here the sun sets and gives way to darkness.

We can mourn at the loss of its light

Or rejoice in the bright hope of heaven—

No more death, no more curse, no more night.


Dear, your Mommy and Daddy have left us

For their place of eternal reward.

By the light of the gospel they lived by

Someday you, too, can be with the Lord.


O the treasure and joy found in heaven!

On that day you will have no regrets

That the Lamb is the light of that city

And His glorious light never sets.

Condolences and reminders of praying Christians are still coming in from far and wide, every continent, and we are praying that the Lord would use this incident to Glorify His Name and perhaps He will use this, what we call a tragedy, as He did many years ago, the “tragedy” of Jim Elliot and the others in Ecuador whose lives were given for the Lord and yet that incident has touched many for so long after it occurred and motivated many to go to foreign lands to serve the Lord. We are amazed at the comments from non-believers who have written.

We know that the Lord knew long before the plane took off from Chit on Saturday what was to occur and He does have a purpose, we don’t know what it is but we must be content to accept His will and cling to His promises for strength to press on, just one day at a time.