Jay & Katrina – Update June 4

June 4, 2012 in News, People

9:30 PM Monday June 4th update

We have just retuned half an hour ago from a long day on the Zambezi River at the site where the plane crashed. Our son Doug was with me along with Justin who was also a tremendous help.

We took a lot of equipment from here and two vehicles and after some prolonged discussion and preparation we headed out on a barge to the site which was almost a kilometre from where we launched.

We were very thankful that the 8 divers from Lusaka were still there and had their equipment and were with us on the barge and a tremendous help. It took us some time to again identify the location and find the plane but once we did we anchored and then were able to secure ropes to the chassis. This took several hours.

After many different plans and attempts we were able to drag the plane down the river, we did realize that one wing was off and we were not sure of the engine, which eventually was discovered was missing and not sure if it dropped out today or was already separated from the rest of the plane.
Once we arrived back at the launch site and with the help of the hundreds on shore we pulled the plane out of the river, sadly it was in many parts by now and quite mangled. We were able to hire a truck and after 1 1/2 hours we loaded it along with all the pieces we had recovered and slowly headed to Chitokoloki. The truck in front and we following behind and it was dark for most of the way. The plane is now on the ramp here at the Mission and we are grateful that the diving team have agreed to remain

 for another day to look for the engine and wing. As the funeral will be tomorrow here at Chitokoloki at 12:00 noon, we will not return to Zambezi but trust that they will be able to recover the missing parts.

We will value your prayers for tomorrow, it will not be an easy day but will trust the Lord for help.

Katrina’s parents and Jay’s mother will be travelling to Zambia later in the week.