Jay & Katrina – Update 2

June 3, 2012 in News, People

Zambezi River3 June, 2012 9:00:57

For many of you who have been upholding us in prayer we will try and give you an update from today and thank you so much for helping us through today which has been very very hard. We could not have made it without the Lord’s help and your prayers. It has been tough.

This morning early we travelled to Zambezi, 43 kilometres, and met first with the police and after went down to the Zambezi River at the point where the plane went into the water. There was nothing to be seen but a flowing river as the plane was completely submersed.

We found three South African fellows from Stefanutti Stocks, a road construction company, out in the river in a speedboat and they came over and picked me up and we spent the next 2+ hours trolling up and down the river trying to find the plane. There were numerous dugouts loaded with men looking and one group were especially astute and they spotted the wheels as the plane was flipped upside down. The river was flowing so swift it was hard to stay over it and we would repeatedly be carried down stream.

After several attempts we were able to dive down and tie 2 ropes onto each wheel, it was between 3 and 5 metres deep and that at least gave us an anchor point to which we could tie the boat and stop being carried down the river. We managed to tie on two more ropes and then added several lengths of chain but we could still not reach the shore to try and pull the plane. At this point we had to wait for help which soon arrived, a team of Zambia Airforce Divers, several army personnel, the DCA Inspectorate and other officials from Lusaka.

After some time they came and saw the site, went and got their gear on and began diving down, they broke into the plane and were able to recover Jays body first and later Katrina’s. We took them to shore and after some time, late afternoon, we brought them to Chitokoloki.

The plans are to have a funeral service here at Chitokoloki at 12:00 noon on Tuesday followed by burial on the Mission. This arrangement has been done with the complete approval of ┬áboth Jay and Katrina’s parents who have been remarkably strong in their commitment to the Lord’s will and having committed their children to the Lord and know that God has allowed it and we must accept His will. Please pray for them as it must be very hard being so far away.

Tomorrow we plan on returning to Zambezi to try and recover the plane.

Your prayers will still be very much appreciated as we still face a few very tough days but know that God is able. We still can hardly believe what has happened but must press on.