Jay & Katrina – Many Thanks

June 8, 2012 in News, People

It never ceases to amaze us that at a time like we have experienced this past week, the great generosity, kindness and compassion of people who are willing to help out and do whatever they can. There are so many people we need to thank and probably a few that we will forget. So many were behind the scenes and were never seen, but we acknowledge that it took a large effort from a lot of people to get through and the tremendous support you gave us. If we do not mention you by name below please forgive us and know how much both Chitokoloki Mission, the missionaries at Chitokoloki and the families appreciate all that everyone has done.

We would like to first thank His Excellency the President of Zambia, Mr Michael Sata,  the Minister of North Western Province, Ms Josephin Limate and all the government officials of Zambia who expressed condolences and showed such compassion and kindness. We are greatly indebted and appreciate the tremendous support that we have received through the recovery efforts, the funeral and assistance for the family of the Ericksons. Thank-you

A big thank-you to the local government and everyone in Zambezi. Firstly, thank-you to the District Commissioner of Zambezi, Lawrence Kayumba for all of his help, along with all of his staff. Without your aid we would not have been able to accomplish what we did in the timelines that were required. Thank-you to the Zambezi Police for their professionalism and expediency in all matters. To all of the Pontoon Operators and many citizens for their willingness to help out and spend the time on the river that they did. Thank-You.

To the ZAF divers and DCA along with their support and command staff, thank-you for timely arrival and immediate support and wisdom in recovering the bodies and the parts of the aircraft. A tremendous job was done and we count it a privilege to have had your support.

A special thanks to the guys at Stefanutti Stocks, for being on the scene so fast and being willing to help out throughout the day. Craig Bowles, Trevor Greyling, Tony Stephenson, Steven Myburgh and Benny Summers, thank you for your time and the use of your boat as part of the search for the bodies.

 To Mrs Karen Sichinga and all staff at CHAZ for their extreme kindness, contributions and for travelling to Chitokoloki, we greatly appreciate all that you have done including the assistance rendered to the family on their arrival in Lusaka.