From the Isle of Man to Chit… In a Land Rover!

May 12, 2018 in News

Andrew and Jennie McAdam have spent the last five months helping out in Chitokoloki.  Andrew is a doctor and the son of Dr McAdam, who has been the doctor at Chitokoloki for many years.  Jennie is a nurse, originally from Canada, and together they have been a welcome addition to the medical team at the hospital and to the missionary group in Chitokoloki.

But what is most noteworthy about their visit is how they got to Chitokoloki.  Most people cover the five thousand air miles between the United Kingdom and Zambia in a Boeing, and have just enough time for a couple meals, a movie and a nap.  Andrew and Jennie left the Isle of Man in October 2017 in a 1992 Land Rover.  Their trip took them through France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania to Greece.  They crossed the Mediterranean Sea at Athens, landing in Alexandria, Egypt, and travelled down through North Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, arriving in Zambia in January 2018.  They will be leaving Chitokoloki soon to continue on to Cape Town via Namibia, ending the trip.  We’ve appreciated having them with us and wish them an enjoyable finish to their trip!