Fourth Annual Eye Clinic in April

May 9, 2018 in News

Once again in the month of April, Dr Peter Norris and his wife Cathy visited Chitokoloki bringing with them not only their expertise and service but hundreds of pairs of glasses to add to the stock that had been shipped in past years. During the one month that they were here they dispensed over 750 pairs of glasses to over 500 patients and many are seeing much better now than they were a month before.

Each year that they have visited they have improved the clinic and now have an excellent data base and very modern equipment which enables them to check eyes for prescription and then the data program identifies the most suitab


le pair of glasses from the inventory. Each patients records are then kept and those that received glasses are able to leave with a brand new pair, free of charge.

We are most grateful for their visit and are thankful to the Lord for their great contribution.