Farewell to Marina and Coral

June 13, 2012 in News

Yesterday morning Jay and Katrina’s two girls, Marina and Coral left Chitokoloki for the journey back to the USA. Barbara Erickson and Larry and Doreen Mansfield, the grandparents wer e accompanying them and they flew from Chitokoloki to Lusaka. Tanis Walker had left the day before by road with all the big cases and was meeting up with them in Lusaka. Upon arrival in Lusaka they were met by representatives of CHAZ who have been so kind, helpful and to whom we are greatly indebted, as they have been a tremendous help. CHAZ took them out for lunch, provided all the transport to and from the airport and Guest House and  took great care of them even presenting the grandparents with a Copper plate inscribed with their names and a message as a token of appreciation. The plane left at almost midnight for Amsterdam and then eventually they are travelling on to Spokane, Washington, where a memorial service will be held  on Sunday. The gils will be living in Washington with Jay’s sister and family.

We still have much to deal with here at Chitokoloki, through the past 10 days we have had to make sure that the many patients in hospital were not neglected and that all the daily challenges, routines and demands were dealt with. The Lord has given help, a special thanks to Gayle Wallace, Tanis Walker, Julie-Rachel Elwood, Emma Wilchers and Sarah Heikoop who had to deal with the hospital and also the care of the girls throughout the 10 days, they have done superb.

As soon as things settle here we will head back to Zambezi and spend time out in the river and try to recover the wing, door and engine which are the three parts still needing to be recovered, the engine being the most important one.

Many thanks to Christians world-wide who have upheld us in your prayers, it has meant a lot to us. We are daily receiving emails and accounts of how God is using this incident to His Glory. Emails conveying condolences and reminders of the prayers of the Lord’s people have come from all parts of the world and we know that when we reach heaven and know the answers that we don’t know now we will praise Him for His wonderous ways, in the meantime we keep pressing on…………….