Conference Center Updates

March 6, 2022 in News

We are very thankful that over the last couple months there have been a number of seminars and workshops at the Chitokoloki Conference Center. Christinas have come from many parts of North-Western Province and have included the following; Sunday School Teachers, OCC Training, Chaplains Seminar, Evangelism Seminar, Women’s Seminar. At least two sessions are planed for each month for the balance of the year so we are thankful that it is being well used.

Evangelism Seminar
Group Discussion Time
Ladies before leaving
Almost meal time
Margie Kaumba leading the Ladies Seminar
A lovely gesture by some of the men who decided that they would do all the cooking and kitchen duties for the ladies seminar
Dr Felix Chibwe happily preparing food for the ladies seminar
Chavuma group leaving for the 2 hour trip back
a full load heading home