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Chit plane dwarfed by 747

November 14, 2017 in News

Recently while in Lusaka the Chitokoloki plane was picking up passengers and loading when it acquired a new neighbour on the tarmac at Lusaka International airport. At Chitokoloki airstrip our 9J-CTO plane seems large enough but not under the shadow of a Air China 747. Wondering how many Cessna 206 planes could fit in a Boeing 747?

Chris enjoys nice views at times like the dramatic cloud formation in this picture taken last week flying to Chitokoloki.


New Wireless Digital X-ray

November 13, 2017 in News

After a long wait today we were able to setup the new, updated, improved, wireless, digital x-ray unit. This was done through the help of several appreciated individuals.

Thanks to the very kind help of Dr. Rodney Strahan from Australia who began the process by sourcing this very expensive unit in the USA. The new components were in 3 parcels and were shipped by Courier  to Canada where Erick Kalmbach helped to clear them through Customs. Then Steve Adams re packaged them into one parcel and Gerrit VanEssen arranged for the shipping to Lusaka. Philip Grove assisted there in another Customs clearance process and then Chris Brundage collected them at the airport and flew them up to Chitokoloki. Today, less than one month from when they left the factory,  Joe Speichinger and Chris Brundage installed the new components and the new computer and in one hour the first x-ray was taken. Namakandu Mwangala our Xray technician was delighted as now she does not have to use the chemicals and old antiquated system that she has been using since our previous system stopped working. Many thanks to all who were a part in this process and especially Dr Rodney Strahan who can now again read and report each day on all the x-rays taken at Chitokoloki all the way from Australia.