Continuation of Solar Panels Installation

February 24, 2015 in News

solar panels 2015It has been a real blessing to  have  the Team Workers electrification crew with us again. They have been here now a couple weeks and have installed 3 “grid-tie” systems hooked up to 92 panels in 3 groups which has added a real benefit to the power at the hospital, maintenance and staff houses.

This provides power direct from the solar panels to the end use and not through the batteries. The first day that the hospital grid was turned on it was able to handle the full capacity of power including all the equipment needed to run the surgical section of the hospital.

In addition several houses have received a boost in solar panels and the house for Emma Wichers now has her own  solar system that before was shared with another house. Below are the new set of  17 kilowatt of  panels that have been added close to the maintenance area.

Maint panels2