New Plane arrived

March 28, 2013 in News

It truly was amazing how it was provided and the many hurdles and challenges that were crossed but God had prepared the right plane and in the end it was very much His guidance that brought it all together. The plane was based in Nairobi, Kenya and we were apprised of it and in a very short period of time Don Amborski and Gordon Hanna flew to Nairobi on March 17th. The plane was inspected and met all and much more that our expectations, it had been completely rebuilt in 2009 and was very well maintained by AIM. Over the next two days a flurry of activity occurred including payment, transfer of ownership  permits, licenses, insurance, pilot checks, maintenance checks and the last document was received about midnight on Wednesday and Thursday morning Don and Gordon left the AIM hanger at 8:15 AM and flew without refuelling all the way to Ndola, Zambia.

On March 27th the plane made it’s first trip to Chitokoloki and shortly after landing we had a call for an emergency evacuation for one of the Canadian visitors who was at another station and was involved in a serious accident. The plane was able to bring the patient safely to Chitokoloki and all went well. The plane is a Cessna 206 and very well equipped with a larger engine than the previous one, excellent avionics and in very good condition.

We thank the Lord for making it possible and also the many who have prayed to this end and contributed financially towards the replacement plane. It will be flying to Lusaka with passengers today and there are 4 more flights booked in the next week.