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New Hospital Kitchen

October 20, 2012 in News

In October a new outside kitchen was completed for the main hospital. This is the area where the food is cooked including the Nshima and relish as well as an  oven which is used each day to bake bread for the patients.

The old kitchen was the last area of the hospital that needed to be upgraded and we are thankful that this project is now completed and is a great improvement over the old stove area.

More Solar Installation

October 15, 2012 in News

Chitokoloki was very blessed to have 2 teams of hard working fellow workers from Team Workers and ITEC, who spent almost three weeks installing solar systems. re-wiring, putting in new underground cables and many other challenges. At the same time a new generator arrived which was installed as a smaller back-up and also repairs done to some medical equipment.


At present all the residences on the Mission (except one) including staff houses, have access to solar power, plus the hospital and the maintenance area which also now greatly benefit from a larger array of panels, 27 were added to the hospital bank and 24 to the maintenance area.