100 Years – May 12 -15th Review

May 16, 2014 in News

web22Intended on posting some photos yesterday but will try and get some done today. Many thanks to all who have prayed for us and the celebration of the 100 year anniversary. Your prayers were answered in a God honouring celebration.

It was a lot of work in preparation for the week but all feel that it went very well. There were so many aspects of the day that had potential of crisis yet the Lord undertook and all went extremely well. The week began with the school having their day on Monday with skits, poems, songs and sports. Tuesday was more sports and a power point presentation in the evening  that was a big hit with well over 1,000 in attendance. We had converted the plane hanger into the venue and expanded it by adding 2 tents, one on either end with a seating capacity of over 1,100 chairs. We also had a separate food tent set up.web19

On the Wednesday many people started arriving very early. The police and security were also present and over 70 of them took control of the perimeter around the air-strip.  The Vice President Dr. Guy Scott and his entourage arrived by helicopter at around 9:20 AM and prior many others had arrived by road. Chitokoloki has never seen so many vehicles,  police, dignitaries, planes, helicopters and activity in it’s 100 years. For many of the local people this was the biggest event here at Chitokoloki in it’s entire history.


A luncheon was provided after the official function and everyone seemed to really enjoy the time including several Government Ministers, Senior Government personnel, visitors from outside Zambia, missionaries from other areas, many former Chitokoloki folks who came from far distances just to be with us for the day.web33 Numerous planes landed including a large Zambia Airforce plane and 2 helicopters and all aspects were well controlled. Later will try and post some of the speeches given.

Thursday was the Hospital Staff day and they had several activities and some more sports. This evening the conference begins and it has been decided to hold it at the same venue as it is all set up so will give an update on that after the weekend.

bookIt was a special delight to have Alma Turnbull was with us and she is the author of the just published and released on Wednesday, of a lovely pictorial and narrative book on Chitokoloki covering the 100 year history. If any would like a copy please contact us or Gospel Folio.

We express our gratitude to the Lord and also to all who contributed and prayed for us and for this week. It was our desire  that the Lord’s Name would be honoured and that the theme would be conveyed, 100 years of God’s faithfulness.












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