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Sunday Morning service.                   Local Transpo


Mission Pictures

July 6, 2015 in News

_MG_5673Sunday Morning service.










Local Transport

















kioskTuck Shop



Sunday School and Kids at Chitokoloki

July 6, 2015 in News

girls3 girls happy faces kids jill ss4 ss3 ss2 ss ss5 ss7

Pictures of Hospital and Mission Personell

July 6, 2015 in News


bedside paul
hospital bed rounds

New Children’s Ward completed

July 6, 2015 in News

We are very pleased to see the completion of the new addition to the Children’s ward and to see it now in full use. Even before the new beds were brought in there were mattresses on the floor which had to be moved to allow for the new beds to be installed.

In addition to the 10 new beds, there is also two semi-private rooms which are also now occupied and will be a great help in providing more beds for patients.


photo 1_2 photo 3_1 photo 3_2


Addition to Children’s Ward

April 19, 2015 in News



The new addition to the Children’s ward is progressing great with the appreciated help from Paul Dodds and Aaron O’Neil from Brass Tacks. The addition will allow for 10 extra beds in the children’s ward plus expansion of 2 semi-private wards, one which will have a full washroom facility. New beds and side tables have been purchased for this addition and we are hoping that it will be completed in the next 2 months.

Renovated Mission Book Room

March 31, 2015 in News

Bookroom renovated3 Having just completed a full renovation of the Christian Bookroom at Chitokoloki we felt we had to let folks know. The bookroom has been tiled, painted, new cabinets, cupboards and displays and looks fantastic. We have also added a lot of good Christian books and good quality Bibles so people have a very good selection of reading material in English and also the local languages. We have Bibles in six different Zambian languages and also a number of books mainly in Lunda and Luvalle. Bookroom renovated   We would express our thanks to Philip Grainger who built all the new displays.

Appreciated Help

March 14, 2015 in News

At the same time as the Team Workers group, Chitokoloki has enjoyed the visit of Philip and Jennifer Grainger who have made numerous visits to Chitokoloki, Philip going back to  1991 when he visited for the first time. Over the years Philip has contributed greatly in Cabinet making, carpentry and cupboards for hospital and houses. This visit he also re-outfitted the Bookroom as well as a number of other projects throughout the Mission. Below Phil is seen beside a new book display for the Christian Bookroom. Jennifer was a great help in the “mall” opening and sorting boxes of supplies that have arrived from many places, mainly through ACCTS and MMN. This is a tedious task but much appreciated.

Jenny Phil G Phil G2

Well Drilling

March 14, 2015 in News

As mentioned in the last post, a number of wells were drilled over the last month. The list of those wanting wells in there villages continues to grow. Praying that someone may come out at different time of the year and drill some more.

drilling 2 drilling drilling2 drilling3 drilling4


Team Workers & Visitors

March 12, 2015 in News


Team worekrs 2

It has been great to have another visit by the Team Workers crew who have again being a tremendous help. Don and Carol McKay, Murray Riddolls, Nathan Harris, Ron Spohr, Ken Wagler and Tim McDougall. Mark Heikoop and Brad Bouman  joined them and were introduced to the well drilling challenges in Zambia. The station has been a hub of activity for the last month and much was accomplished in so many improvements, maintenance and electrical and solar installations in all areas. Don advised us that Chitokoloki Mission now has 65 kva power at hospital and slightly more for houses and maintenance areas, all generated from solar. In the picture below Ron is seen working with Robert Clark checking the batteries in the bank at hospital where there are 96 x 1200 AH batteries.

Ken, Mark and Brad worked hard in drilling several wells in the Chitokoloki area as well as at Katombi where Margie Gould lives and also near Dipalata Mission. Going to other areas with the drill rig was a challenge and involved packing all that would be required and towing the well drilling trailer over some very rough and muddy roads.The wells are all very enthusiastically received by the villagers and are always a real blessing to them.

Chitokoloki also enjoyed at the same time a visit by Dr. and Mrs Zoltan & Eva Maszarovics and their son Luke who were at Chitokoloki for 2 weeks visiting from Kalene.

Pictured below are the four Team Workers visitors plus Chris Brundage, Henry Dyck and Philip Grainger.

team workers Ron & Robert Zoltan

Don & carol

Continuation of Solar Panels Installation

February 24, 2015 in News

solar panels 2015It has been a real blessing to  have  the Team Workers electrification crew with us again. They have been here now a couple weeks and have installed 3 “grid-tie” systems hooked up to 92 panels in 3 groups which has added a real benefit to the power at the hospital, maintenance and staff houses.

This provides power direct from the solar panels to the end use and not through the batteries. The first day that the hospital grid was turned on it was able to handle the full capacity of power including all the equipment needed to run the surgical section of the hospital.

In addition several houses have received a boost in solar panels and the house for Emma Wichers now has her own  solar system that before was shared with another house. Below are the new set of  17 kilowatt of  panels that have been added close to the maintenance area.

Maint panels2