100th Anniversary

              The 100th  Anniversary of Chitokoloki Mission will

“Well done, good and faithful servant”

On January 29th one of Chitokoloki’s longest living resident and a very faithful Believer and

Amazing Eye Clinic

Chitokoloki Mission Hospital has once again being mightily blessed by a visit from Dr Peter Norris a


100th Anniversary

March 13, 2014 in News









The 100th  Anniversary of Chitokoloki Mission will be commemorated during the week of May 12th to 19th, 2014.

Plans are still in progress however some activities will be every day during the week, most will be at 15:00 hours except the Official Program on Wednesday which will be at 10:30 hours.

The theme will be ” 100 Years of God’s Faithfulness”

  • Monday 12th – School Program day when the local schools will put on a program and also some sports activities.
  • Tuesday 13th – slide show and memories of the past years
  • Wednesday 14th – Official program, 10:30 hours, His Honour the Vice-President Dr. Guy L. Scott will be representing the President.
  • Thursday 15th – Staff Program day when staff will perform their own program
  • Friday 16th – 18th Church Conference commencing in the evening of the 16th.

More details will follow as made available.

“Well done, good and faithful servant”

February 4, 2014 in News

On January 29th one of Chitokoloki’s longest living resident and a very faithful Believer and evangelist was taken into the Lord’s presence. All who knew her called her Chizungu. She had lived on the mission for many years, was just a small lady  who in latter years walked quite bent over but a faithful servant of the Lord. Her testimony was well known and she walked hundreds of kilometres taking the Gospel to far villages. Even in her old age she very faithfully would walk slowly, bent over but with determination, every Saturday to the Women’s Ward at the hospital and preach to all who were there. When you get to heaven look near the front for a small lady who loved the Lord and was an good example and inspiration to many.

Amazing Eye Clinic

January 10, 2014 in News

Chitokoloki Mission Hospital has once again being mightily blessed by a visit from Dr Peter Norris and his wife Cathy who have set up an excellent eye clinic and brought the latest high tech equipment to test eyes. In advance they had sent out thousands of glasses and are able to test eyes, check for any needing prescription glasses and dispense them immediately.  What a great blessing this is to so many people.


January 4, 2014 in News

It was back in 1914 that the first missionaries settled at Chitokoloki and there has been a missionary presence here sine then. Plan are under way to have a Centenary Anniversary celebration sometime in May, possibly the week of May 13th. More details will be posted as they are finalized.

Over the years God has always been faithful and provided and we thank Him for His unfailing grace and the message of hope that we continue to pray will be radiated from Chitokoloki to all who come, medical help or otherwise. We also thank the Lord for the many who have served in the past and gave their lives in service here and in much more difficult days than today strglled on to establish and maintain this testimony to the Lord’s Name.

Missionaries in 1967 at Chitokoloki

December 4, 2013 in News

We recently were sent a picture of some of the missionaries that were here in 1967.

Names are as follows;

Back Row from left. David Mawhinney, Bill Maunsell, Theo Deubler, Jim Caldwell, Dr. Jim Worsfold.

Middle Row from left. Sadie Mawhinney, Daisy  Wareham, Doris Deubler,  Norah Caldwell, Hilda Worsfold.

Fron Row from left: Beryl Scrimgeour, Marie Conder, Gill Harris.

Road Works at Chitokoloki

July 23, 2013 in News

For the first time in many decades the road into Chitokoloki is being worked on. The work is being done by First Quantam Mines and they are doing a very excellent job from the main turnoff into the Mission which is a distance of 23 kilometres. They are both widening, gravelling and compacting the road and we are praying that they may take  it to the next level and tar it as well.

We are very grateful for the work and express our appreciation to the RDA for helping in this most appreciated improvement that will be a help to the whole community. The one picture below shows what the road used to be like.

Remembering June 2, 2012

June 1, 2013 in News

For many of us there are moments in life, incidents that occur which were unplanned and unexpected, and which leave long lasting impressions.  One of such occasions for us was what took place a year ago on June 2nd 2012 when late in the afternoon we received the first of  numerous calls telling us that the Chitokoloki Mission plane had crashed into the Zambezi River approximately 40 kilometers North of the Mission. The events that unfolded from the minute we got that phone call have impacted us immensely and caused us to dig deep into our Faith in God who knows the end from the beginning. We know that nothing happens without His knowledge or consent. If we believe in the Sovereignty of God, as we claim to, we must accept and believe that Jay and Katrina Erickson, our fellow missionaries, did not die in the plane crash in the way they would have chosen or wanted to, but they did die the way God intended them to. It is not how long we live that counts but what we do with the time that God has given us here on earth, Jay and Katrina used their time to serve the Lord. Now they are with Him enjoying what many of us are still awaiting to experience, the wonders of heaven and seeing the Lord and being able to thank Him for His offering of Himself on the Cross for us.

Those next few days were the hardest we have ever had to deal with, especially the phone call at dusk a couple hours after the crash to Jay’s parents, made standing on  the banks of the Zambezi River right near where the plane was submerged in the river although no visual sight could be seen of it. The following day it took several hours before we could actually locate the plane. It was only with the Lord’s help and the prayers of Believers all around the world that enabled us to make it through. We were humbled and amazed at the thousands that have communicated to us and were touched by this incident that occurred here in a remote location in Zambia. Hard as it was for us here and also Jay and Katrina’s family in the USA, we are thankful that God has used this incident for souls being saved. The world would call it a “tragedy” but we know there is no such word can be used where God allows it for His Name to be honoured. This week we erected a billboard at hospital with their picture and the quotation from Proverbs 10:7, “The memory of the righteous is a blessing”. For a picture of the grave site of Jay and Katrina which is overlooking the Zambezi River, refer to Post of April 2nd.

Plane Arrival and Departures at Chitokoloki

May 18, 2013 in News

Every time that a plane arrives at the Chitokoloki airstrip it draws a crowd of people. It also seems that the work stops in all areas and the ATV bikes congregate at the airstrip to either welcome or say goodbye to those flying. This past week we have had a lot of flights and the new Chitokoloki plane that arrived in March has already logged over 70 hours of flying. The help of Don Amborski as pilot and others in the flying is very much appreciated. Recently the plane flew Aaron back home who had been at hospital for a long time after having major surgery done on his face.


Two New houses for Visitors

April 11, 2013 in News

Recognizing the large number of visitors that come to help in the work here at Chitokoloki we have built and renovated two houses to accomodate our much appreciated visitors. The project became more involved than anticipated however one is now completed and has been used by the well drilling team. The other house is 90% completed and just needing finishing and the installation of a solar hot water system. We are grateful that we were able to get some furniture sent out on the ACCTS  trailer from Canada and this has been a great help. Philip Grainger has visited again this year and has built very lovely cupboards for the houses and also screens and other aspects, which without his appreciated help would not have been done in time or as professional.

Solar Team visited again

April 6, 2013 in News

We once again had the real privilege of having a team from Team Workers with us for 6 weeks to continue the upgrading of the electrical systems in the hospital, houses, maintenance and water supply. They have returned numerous consecutive years, last year visited twice, and have worked very hard and accomplished  so much to help the Mission in the supplying of electricity through solar. This year a total of 84 by 290 watt panels arrived along with all the hardware, controllers, inverters etc. and installations were done not only at Chitokoloki but they also travelled by plane to Dipalata and Sakeji.

They continued working right up to an hour before their plane was due to take them from Chitokoloki to Lusaka for the flight leaving for Canada the same day. In addition to new installations many improvements were done to existing systems along with all the “extra” challenges that we impose upon them,

As has been often said what Chitokoloki is today, apart from the goodness, grace and provisions of the Lord, is due to those who have gone before and those who are an integral part of the work here even though not full time here. These men and women are as much a part of the work as those of us here for longer periods.In conjunction with the wells drilled by the well drilling team, 2 were drilled at the base of  the water tower and solar panels placed on the top of the tower to pump water from bore hole wells all by solar.